Jodi Moore is a junior at A-State seeking a Bachelor of Science in Strategic Communication with an emphasis in Advertising and a minor in Marketing. She was born in Jonesboro, Arkansas, but was raised in the small town of Bay. In 2004, she moved to Hobart, Oklahoma, where she lived for 10 years before returning to northeast Arkansas.

Moore obtained an Associate of Science in Business Administration from Western Oklahoma State College, where she took Oral Communication, and Business Communication. Both of these courses gave her a foundation for moving forward in her chosen field.

With an emphasis like Advertising, Moore understands that she can’t possibly acquire enough knowledge about Mass Communication. Communication is used in every type of marketing strategy, so it’s important to be well versed in different areas and understand how to reach large numbers of consumers. With work experience in the area, her hope is to build on the education she’s already acquired so that she can excel in her chosen career field once she graduates.

In order to be good student, Moore feels it’s important to be present, not just in attendance, but also in attention. It’s imperative to be punctual and use time wisely to keep stress down. The more overwhelmed a student is, the less knowledge they actually retain. In her opinion, a good instructor cares about the information that’s being presented, as well as the students learning the subject. She expects to do well in this course and is hoping for no less than a B. She believes that her background experience will lend a hand in performing well.

Moore asserts that her motivation would be classified under the deep learner category. She wants to completely understand the subject matter so that she can utilize it appropriately in her chosen occupation. With that said, knowing the information well will also enhance her as a competitor in the advertising world, helping her to avoid failure in the industry.

Moore asserts that she learns in different ways. She is a received knower in one aspect, because she wants to know the correct answer and how to do something the right way; however, she feels as if that rolls over into being a subjective knower. Once a person knows what’s right, it impacts that person’s judgment. Because she enjoys advertising and doesn’t mind working on her own, she also feels that she’s an independent, creative thinker. These qualities make her a commitment knower.

Since Moore is only able to attend school part-time, she doesn’t plan on graduating until 2020. At this point, she does not plan on applying for graduate school, or pursuing a higher degree than a Bachelor of Science.

She is definitely a busy person. She has a full-time job in the Office of Admissions, Records, and Registration at A-State, where she is a member of the graduation staff. It is a highly demanding job. The university has three commencement dates each year, so it’s a never ending cycle. While she likes her job and gets to work with some wonderful people, it is not the end goal for her. After her son graduates from high school in 2021, she has plans to return to Oklahoma and use her advertising knowledge to acquire a career she can thrive at. She thoroughly enjoyed working for a newspaper office prior to returning to Arkansas in 2014, so she would like to go back to something like that, or find employment that would utilize her advertising skillset.

Moore is also the single mom of a funny, intelligent, 14-year-old boy, Sebastion. He enjoys playing percussion and learning about Greek mythology. The two of them are very involveMy familyd in Verge Church, where they not only attend, but also volunteer on a weekly basis to contribute to their services.

The last good movie Moore watched was her favorite, The Labyrinth. David Bowie being the male lead is good enough to make this movie a classic, but she enjoys it for multiple reasons, including the music and the simplicity of special effects. In the age of multi-million dollar movie budgets, there’s something refreshing about puppetry and handmade props.

The last two pieces of music that Moore obtained were Theory of a Deadman and The Greatest Hits of Travis Tritt, both which came from the $5 bin at Wal-Mart. She is a music lover, and appreciates all genres. She also lives on a budget, so she’s grateful for a good deal!

Although Moore doesn’t enjoy reading due to years of working in the newspaper industry, which required reading and writing constantly, she does have a couple of favorite texts. The Holy Bible is a staple, and while not read daily, she does find time weekly to engulf herself in the pages for encouragement. The most memorable book Moore has ever read is Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry. It is a Newberry Medal winner by Mildred D. Taylor about racism in America around the time of the Great Depression. Moore read this book for the first time when she was in the fourth grade, and it has remained one of her favorites. Taylor chose to use a child as the narrator of the story, which made Moore connect and feel the realness of the issue in an intense way.

Her favorite newspaper is The Hobart Democrat-Chief, where she was the Lifestyles Editor for six years. This small town, family-owned and operated, business gave her a new appreciation for the time, and hard work that goes into presenting people with their weekly fix of everything going on in Hobart, Oklahoma. In a time when newspaper subscriptions are rapidly declining due to the presence of Google, and easy access to everything on the Internet, she appreciates how much heart goes into a newspaper that still prints local news, silly pictures of kids in the community, and birthdays of the town’s residents.

Moore would rate her Internet skills at a seven, as there plenty of things she has room to learn. While she has been accessing the Internet since high school, she doesn’t spend all of her free time “surfing.” She accesses it at work when needed for research purposes, and at home while doing homework, quizzes, etc. Moore uses Facebook to keep up with friends around the globe and share pictures with her family. She also has a Twitter account for school purposes only. She can be reached by email at jodi.moore@smail.astate.edu.

Moore believes she draws strength from her faith, her willingness to learn, her drive to accomplish her goals, as well as the knowledge she has already gained through work experience. She understands that there is always room for improvement and that in order to grow in your career, you have to be willing to be a lifelong learner.

If Moore had $50 to purchase groceries for two weeks, she would buy two boxes of cereal, a gallon of milk, a couple loaves of bread, a jar of peanut butter, a jar of jelly, and two 12-count boxes of Ramen noodles. Her son eats breakfast and lunch at school; therefore, it would only be necessary to provide those meals for him on Saturday and Sunday. This would be more than enough for two weeks, as Moore, herself, isn’t much of a breakfast eater, so lunch and dinner would be the primary concerns. She asserts that she could even buy a bundle of bananas, a bag of apples, or a couple bags of steamed broccoli, and still have around $10-$15 left.

Moore is in love with the idea that the pursuit of happiness, and happiness itself, are both hers to navigate and define.