The Influence of New Media Players

Do you think that these new players in the media world have more or less influence on us than the traditional media companies we previously discussed? Why? Before reading this chapter, did you view Google or Apple as media companies? Why or why not?

I believe the answer to this question somewhat depends on what generation of receivers we’re talking about. For example, my mother, who would be classified as a baby boomer, is much more likely to consume media through newspaper, and the nightly news on ABC. I, however, typically use Google multiple times on a daily basis. As technology progresses, I feel that new media players, such as Google and Apple, will definitely begin to have more influence in the world because it’s so easily accessible through our cell phones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers, iPods, etc. Our current generation of young people is somewhat dependent on technology.

Before reading Mass Communication: Living in a Media World, I would’ve characterized Comcast/NBCUniversal as a media company, but not Google and Apple. To me, Google was just a search engine, and Apple was just a producer of sophisticated technology. After taking a deeper look, and seeing what all is involved under the umbrella of each, it’s easy to see why they have risen to power in the media world.

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” -Steve Jobs


2 thoughts on “The Influence of New Media Players”

  1. Although the prompt did not mention it, Facebook is a dominant new media company as well. Facebook is pretty much controlling the Baby Boomer generation at this point. My mother is pretty much on Facebook every bit as much as I am, and the people I work with openly discuss news articles found on Facebook. This is at least in my own experience, yours may vary. Also loving the quotes at the end of your posts.

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