Advertising within Magazines

Do popular consumer magazines pander too much to advertisers? Do you have trouble telling the difference between advertisements and articles? Or does it matter as long as the advertising is interesting?

I do not feel as if there is too much advertising placed in magazines. My feelings about this come from my background in print. I realize advertising pays for the publication, employee salaries, etc., so I view advertising differently than some who may find it distracting. As far as the content pandering too much toward advertisers, I think that is definitely a fine line. If the advertisers have the power, the consumer isn’t likely to get the complete truth.

Native advertising is a common practice among consumer magazines. I do feel like it is more limited within trade magazines. Most consistent magazine readers can tell the difference, but advertising firms are getting more creative. An example of this would be diet pill companies leading into a sales pitch with a headline talking about how a specific celebrity has lost a great amount of weight, only to reveal the pitch for the diet pill further down in the text.

At the end of the day, consumer magazines are generally not free, and I think consumers have to realize the advertisers within are what typically give readers the luxury of being able to purchase the printed material in the first place.

“Creative with strategy is called art. Creative with strategy is called advertising.” -Jef I. Richards


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