MJii: My Media Use

Following 21 days of recording my media usage, I wasn’t necessarily surprised of the outcome. While we live in a very technologically driven society, I work full-time, and attend school part-time; therefore, I don’t have too much spare time to enjoy media leisurely. Below, I will discuss in depth the impact that my media usage has in my life, as well as those around me.

After review, my patterns are pretty consistent, and did not change much throughout the span of the assignment. I’m not certain I’d say that my media usage peaks on Wednesdays; however, that is my long day, so media access is required for a longer amount of time. As far as what day is composed of the least amount of media usage, I would typically assert Sunday would be that day. Although I do homework, and study, on Sundays, the car radio is really the only other media usage I partake in on that particular day unless a phone call, or text message, is necessary.

Even though I consider myself a very busy person, as I mentioned before, we’re constantly surrounded by media in technology form. I’m not immune from those influences. What I have noticed, as far as my media consumption goes, is that music speaks to me. There are very few hours of the day that music is not playing in the background of my life.

In consideration of my family, which consists of myself and my son, we listen to music together, and occasionally watch television. The only other time media really involves both of us is if I’m helping him study, if we attend a concert, or in the rare instance we attend a movie. He is old enough now to have his own cell phone, but I don’t want him to grow up with his phone permanently attached to his hand, so we both limit our cell phone usage. At one point, he made a comment about how much time I spent on my phone, so I’m very careful now about not missing life due to having my nose stuck in my cell phone. If I had recorded my media usage two years ago, this blog post would’ve painted a very different picture.

I spend multiple hours each week communicating with my co-workers, whom I consider peers, via email. I constantly have to discuss graduation issues with advisers, chairs, and deans, as well as staff within my office to determine if students are eligible for their degrees. This bleeds over into how my media usage impacts my occupation.

The only way I can think to relate my media preferences to where I live would be the use of local radio stations. These stations oftentimes alert me to area happenings.

As sad as it sounds, I really don’t have any hobbies at this point in life. My world is consumed with work, school, parenting, and church. I will say, however, that anything I enjoy doing generally involves music, whether that is by car radio, Pandora, live concerts, or my Google playlist. Music helps me focus, alleviates stress, and just makes me happy.

In conclusion, I think this project is a great exercise, although I would be willing to bet that media usage is higher among those younger than me, as they are at a different point in life. I can definitely see how reviewing the results of monitoring our media usage would curb the media “appetite” of some students, and make them reevaluate how much time is spent with particular mediums.


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