Too Much Television?

When and why do you watch television? Do you watch specific shows or just whatever is airing? Do you think it’s possible to watch “too much” television? Why or why not? What did you watch last night?

I once read a quote somewhere that said, “If you don’t have enough time, stop watching tv.” I think that’s a pretty accurate statement. At least it’s true in my life. I work full-time, have the privilege of being the single mom of an overactive young man, and am very involved in our church. Due to the lack of spare time, I don’t watch much television. When I do, it’s typically late evening. I may turn on some Flea Market Flip to unwind before bed.

I do have a habit of watching specific shows, but I also flip through channels a lot because “my shows” may not be on when I have spare time to relax. I do think it’s possible to watch too much television. It somewhat disconnects us from society. Watching television leads to inactivity. People are stationary, which could potentially lead to various health issues. Television is also full of inaccurate information, propaganda, and constant advertising. Unfortunately, if it’s on a news broadcast, the majority of viewers just take that information as fact without doing any additional research for themselves. Marshall McLuhan actually said, “To educate means to produce immunity against a television.”

I didn’t technically “watch” television last night; however, I did have the Country Christmas special on in the background while I did homework. This is a typical night for me.

“We shape our tools, and then our tools shape us.” -Marshall McLuhan


2 thoughts on “Too Much Television?”

  1. I like the quotes that you included, especially the one about our tools shaping us after we shape them. Many people make watching t.v. or getting on social media a daily ritual and it becomes a necessity for them. It starts to control what people do and how they act.


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