Social Media Accounts

How many different social media accounts do you have? Whom are they with? With whom do you communicate using social media? Do you ever think you share too much through social media? Why or why not?

Depending on what is being referred to as social media, I have four social media accounts. These include Facebook, Twitter, LinkdIn and WordPress. Others may not consider their blog social media, but it allows for open communication between myself, as the author, and my readers.

Who I communicate with honestly depends on which medium I’m using. The one I visit the most is Facebook. In that case, I communicate with family, friends, colleagues, strangers, etc. Facebook reaches nearly every corner of the globe. Twitter and WordPress are used strictly for school work, so I don’t frequent either of those unless required to do so. LinkedIn falls into the same category as Twitter and WordPress. I realize it’s a professional platform, but thus far, I haven’t really felt the need to spend a ton of spare time perusing that site.

I won’t even hesitate to say I probably share too much on Facebook. Well–at least someone’s idea of too much. I think we all do to an extent. Too much is surely defined differently by every person. So, it really just depends on if the reader of my posts is interested or not.

To be truthful, Facebook is most likely my worst bad habit. It really serves very few purposes other than to keep up with people who don’t live near me, and vent when I’m unable to get my point across otherwise.

“Everything you post on social media impacts your personal brand. How do you want to be known?” -Lisa Horn


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