Commercials: Why I Watch the Super Bowl

Do you watch the Super Bowl every year for the ads? What are your favorite Super Bowl ads? What makes you like them?

I am absolutely not an NFL fan, but even I usually watch the Super Bowl. As a hardcore baseball fan, it’s no lie that I genuinely watch the Super Bowl for the fellowship, food, and the commercials.

As a heterosexual female, commercials with half naked women don’t particularly interest me. I have a tendency to be drawn to commercials that are funny, or pull on my heart strings. It’s kind of ironic, because I genuinely dislike the taste of beer, but Budweiser produces one of my favorite commercials each year. They don’t make me want to drive down to the county line to pick up a six-pack, but they are memorable.

“You don’t go into a highly scrutinized commercial enterprise like the Super Bowl without knowing you have the goods.” -Oren Aviv


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